Fan-Made: Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' string art

    Read the rest

    #Woodworking: American Flag Made From 2x4s

    “I made a wooden flag out of 2x4s for my oldest friend from high school who works as a peace officer. I grinded and sanded it to look like it it blowing in the wind and used a torch to burn in the dark areas.” Read the rest

    Delicious honeycomb slice beekeeping video

    Get a load of this delicious video of a beekeeper slicing that honeycomb down, from which to extract this year's honey harvest. Read the rest

    Bear mom and cubs enjoy dog food on North Carolina porch

    Mama bear and her cubs make off with some dog food on Elizabeth Loflin's North Carolina porch. Read the rest

    Guy dumps fridge off cliff in nature, mocks recycling. Gets 45000€ fine, has to go get it and dispose properly

    ALMERIA, SPAIN: These idiots dumped a used refrigerator out in nature, and the cops made them go out and get it and dispose of it properly. Read the rest

    The Many Faces of John Delaney at the Democratic Debate

    When you're at the dispensary trying to choose a strain. Read the rest

    Kitten discovers walking is hard when you have 4 feets

    The sound of his tiny squeaking mews! Read the rest

    DOJ approves $26 billion T-Mobile and Sprint deal

    Well, it's finally official. After more than a year in regulatory limbo, The United States Justice Department has approved a $26 billion dollar deal between mobile carriers T-Mobile and Sprint. Read the rest

    Perfect kid at a wedding. Wait for the zoom.

    Proof that yes, any party is a monster costume party, if you have the determination to pull it off. Read the rest

    Pelosi on impeachment: 'We will proceed when we have what we need to proceed. Not one day sooner.'

    Hard to believe it, but here we still are. Read the rest

    Mega Mobile Merger: $26 billion Sprint and T-Mobile deal to be approved by Justice Department on Friday

    The Justice Department is expected to approve a $26 billion deal between mobile carriers Sprint and T-Mobile on Friday. Read the rest

    American tourist released from Syria

    An American tourist has been released from Syria, report multiple news outlets on Friday. Read the rest

    Trump: Apple won't get a tariff break for Mac Pro parts made in China

    Donald Trump says his administration will not provide any waivers or relief for Apple Mac Pro components built in China, and said Apple should instead build its products in the U.S. Read the rest

    Man accused of murdering wife blames powerful group that infected him with mayonnaise

    Mayo. Not even once. Read the rest

    Senate Intel releases report on Russian interference in 2016 election

    The Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday released the first volume of its bipartisan investigation report on Russia. This volume of the report deals with election security. Read the rest

    Tulsi Gabbard, most-searched candidate during Democratic debates, sues Google

    Gabbard lawsuit, filed Thursday in a Los Angeles federal court, is reportedly the first time a presidential candidate has sued a major technology firm.

    Monkey Shirt Barbecue Man

    I wonder what it's like to live your entire life with talent like this, the burden of all that masterful skill must crush this guy every morning. Read the rest

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