GoFundMe says anti-vaccine fundraising campaigns violate terms of service, will be taken down

    “We are conducting a thorough review and will remove any campaigns currently on the platform.” — GoFundMe

    Secret emails show Facebook knew about Cambridge Analytica earlier than they've said, DC AG claims

    “The general public itself has little or no interest in this Document that could warrant exposing Facebook to the risks that would inevitably accompany disclosure.” — Facebook

    Cat does a danger dance

    There is a monster in the bed. Read the rest

    Human and opossum are best friends

    Read the rest

    Two Russia-backed hacker groups target Europe ahead of elections, FireEye reports

    Security services firm FireEye says two hacker groups known to be sponsored by the Russian government of Vladimir Putin are waging cyber-attacks currently against European government systems. Read the rest

    Watch these dogs with floofy fluff-butts bravely tunnel in snow

    This very good doggo is either hunting something special, or clearing a path for his human, or who knows? Either way, the dog is obviously a submarine. Read the rest

    Relaxing music video: 'Can't Help Falling in Love' on kalimba, with dog, in nature

    You need this. Read the rest

    Adorkable dogs bungle a graceful jump

    Such graceful dogs.

    “Frank face planted and Skippy tried to imitate a cat but to no avail.” Read the rest

    Jared Kushner uses WhatsApp to talk with foreign leaders, claims Cummings

    But her emails.

    Sweet Samoyed dog loves gentle strokes on his floofy head

    Aww, so soothing to watch this sweet Samoyed get loving pats on his fuzzy floofy head, from his human. Read the rest

    Border Patrol detains 9 year old U.S. citizen for 36 hours after falsely accusing her of lying about her identity

    In San Diego, the United States Border Patrol grabbed a girl who is 9 and a U.S. citizen and on her way to school, accused her of lying about her identity, then detained her for 36 hours. Read the rest

    Antivax GOP Kentucky governor exposed his kids to chickenpox on purpose so they'd get sick

    Some falsely believe chickenpox is a harmless disease, but it can lead to death in children and adults who suffer complications.

    Trump wants Bob Kraft at White House despite despite prostitution sting

    Kraft could show up at the White House party before he shows up in court.

    Jabba the Hutt, Bruce Wayne, John Cleese among interns praised in Trump's Economic Report of the President

    They're acting like it was intentional now, because Trump.

    Warning: Do not press the wrong tooth

    Do not press the wrong tooth. Only press the correct other tooth. Read the rest

    Dog walks perkily through rain in spiffy raincoat and booties

    “Hey. Are you coming, or what?” Read the rest

    Meet 'Spread The Vote,' a nonprofit helping voters get IDs, rides, support so they can vote

    “We believe voting is the sacred right of every American, and every American should be able to exercise it.” —?spreadthevote.org.

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