I'm streaming a couple hours of 'Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic'

    Watch me fail as a Jedi.

    Considered one of the greatest videogames of all-time, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic won game of the year in 2003.

    Are you bored too? Spark a J, grab a drink, and join me in Twitch Chat. We can pick a super silly Star Wars name, pop off in every conversation, and fall to the dark side!

    Seriously, KOTOR has some great Star Wars storytelling. There is an awful lot in this video game that turned up in later Star Wars media. Darth Revan is probably the most awesome Sith.

    Xbox has "enhanced" versions of a number of classic games, and I'm going to be playing through a few of them over the next few weeks. Testing has shown that KOTOR looks pretty great via Twitch. Halo CE Anniversary Enhanced is a must play.

    Jason's Twitch channel will be active from 8pm til who knows when.

    Update: Signed off at 11:56pm. Got as far as needing to rescue the Wookie. I will absolutely pick this up again. The game is still wonderful. It hurts to sit in a chair for that long. Read the rest


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