Squirrel enjoys eating avocado while wearing avocado helmet

    Yes, thank you, I know guacamole is extra. Read the rest

    Dachshund enjoys doing chemistry experiments in his little laboratory

    It's time to cook.

    Akita puppy swimming through the air

    Whoosh whoosh whoosh go the tiny fuzzy paws. Read the rest

    Live-action remake of The Lion King with just regular cats

    “These Disney live action remakes are amazing.” Read the rest

    When a dog has a happy dream, you know it.

    Wholesome content to brighten up your internet right here. Read the rest

    Here are a whole bunch of little albino turtles

    I like these albino turtles. Read the rest

    Weiner Dog enjoys riding around in his li'l Weiner-Mobile

    Oh, he loves to be an Oscar Mayer weiner. Read the rest

    Cat post: Wait for the mlem

    Wait for it.

    Wait for the mlem.

    :P Read the rest

    Cat boops prickly hedgehog friend

    Now hold on there, pokey-boy.

    That's an ouch.

    Some observations:

    That cat has extremely cute white poofy paws.

    The hedgehog is proudly unperturbed. Brave little pokey-boy.


    Lesson learned, kitteh:

    No touch spiky boi.


    Read the rest

    Dog thinks he's a bunny and also wants lettuce, now cat wants some too

    “My pupper thinks he’s a bunny,” says hauntedmarshmallow. Read the rest

    Puppy gets a brushy brushy

    Look at his little back leg twitch with delight. Read the rest

    Who let the dogs out? (unmute this pupper)

    Woof, woof, woof. Read the rest

    Human and opossum are best friends

    Read the rest

    Watch these dogs with floofy fluff-butts bravely tunnel in snow

    This very good doggo is either hunting something special, or clearing a path for his human, or who knows? Either way, the dog is obviously a submarine. Read the rest

    Adorkable dogs bungle a graceful jump

    Such graceful dogs.

    “Frank face planted and Skippy tried to imitate a cat but to no avail.” Read the rest

    Sweet Samoyed dog loves gentle strokes on his floofy head

    Aww, so soothing to watch this sweet Samoyed get loving pats on his fuzzy floofy head, from his human. Read the rest

    Warning: Do not press the wrong tooth

    Do not press the wrong tooth. Only press the correct other tooth. Read the rest

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