Cat and rhino are best friends

    Meet Mia and Emilka. Read the rest

    Clever cat finds his way out of a weird labyrinth

    ?????? Read the rest

    Two cats enjoy relaxing with flowers on their heads

    From one of the longest-running homegrown “cute animal video”?bloggers, kagonekoshiro -- the video you didn't know you needed right now, until you see it.

    Beautiful hydrangea flowers worn on the head of these cute cats, somewhere in Japan on a warm summer's day.


    A related gem from the same channel:

    [source, youtube link] Read the rest

    Video: 'My daughter’s reaction to our new kitten'

    You're gonna want to unmute for the happycrys. Read the rest

    Dog's-eye video of pup zooming around excitedly

    Here's a sweet little sanity break for your achy-breaky brain. Read the rest

    Cute foster dog howls silently while doing yoga

    “Looks like he is howling but he was almost completely silent while he was doing this,” says Max's temporary human. Read the rest

    Baby getting an X-Ray looks hilarious and adorable

    Aww. Poor little sweet thing.

    An archival image of awkward, tender, funny cuteness, photographer uncredited, viral from years ago.

    Looks a lot like this poor pet getting an uncomfortable groom, which is frankly how I feel, too, when I have to go in for medical scans. I feel you, pups and babies.


    Read the rest

    Cat gets a surprise (wait for it)

    Wait for it.

    ?? Read the rest

    #Corgi cuteness: Watch this happy corgi dog spin for 60 seconds

    It's a real life Corgi hamster wheel! Read the rest

    Bear mom and cubs enjoy dog food on North Carolina porch

    Mama bear and her cubs make off with some dog food on Elizabeth Loflin's North Carolina porch. Read the rest

    Cute cat break: 'How to summon a demon'

    The dark lords of the underworld are best summoned by sparkly glitter bait. Read the rest

    Cool kid makes bow ties for shelter dogs and cats to help them get adopted

    Darius Brown, an awesome kid from Newark, New Jersey, makes bow ties for shelter animals to help them get adopted (because they're more cute). The cause is righteous, and so is the creativity he puts into designing and making the bow ties.

    His organization is called Beaux and Paws. There's a GoFundMe. You know what to do. Read the rest

    Cat revs self up to jump through hoop held high

    Hold my ring. Read the rest

    Dog who just wants treat gets confused by physics, gravity, this glass table

    Give him the dang treat already, come on. Read the rest

    Cat impersonates otter

    Arthur the cat looks so regal as he swims determinedly and hangs out confidently in the swimming pool. Read the rest

    Adorable baby skunk is adorable

    Just don't piss them off.

    Jamming from inside a guitar, with Maple the dog

    Unmute! Something wholesome for your internet enjoyment. Read the rest

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