Kickstarting "The Inverter," a backwards watch with a beautiful, exposed movement

    The Inverter is a kickstarted, sub-$500, 34mm automatic mechanical watch built around Citizen's Miyota Calibre 9000 movement, augmented with a custom module that makes the watch run backwards, so that it can be mounted so that the movement is exposed (beneath a sapphire crystal), with the back of the watch becoming its "face." Read the rest

    Exploding frame clockwork sculpture, the sequel

    I've featured Brett Dickins's exploding frame kinectic sculptures here before, and his latest, called "What The F...? - What's Up?" appears to be the last word in totally ass-kicking exploding-frame-clockwork sculptures. Woah.

    What The F...? - What's Up?

    (Thanks, Brett!) Read the rest


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