Houston! I'm at Comicpalooza all weekend!

    I'm one of the guests of honor at this weekend's Comicpalooza festival in Houston, Texas: in addition to my keynote and signing, you can catch me at panels on copyright, robots and AI, cyberpunk, copyright (again!). Read the rest

    Berlin! Catch me tonight at Otherland books at 8PM (Houston, here I come!)

    I'm coming to Berlin's Otherland books tonight at 8PM for a talk about my latest, Radicalized and the German edition of the first novella from it, Wie man einen Toaster überlistet ("How to Outsmart a Toaster," AKA "Unauthorized Bread"). Read the rest

    Berlin! I'm coming to town tomorrow! (Houston, you're next)

    Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 7th I'll be keynoting Berlin's Re:publica festival, as well as doing a signing for the German edition of my novella Unauthorized Bread, and an AMA about the EU Copyright Directive (International Space, 1230h) and then a general AMA (Deutschlandjahr Booth, 1345h). On Wednesday, May 8, I'll be at Otherland, Kreuzberg's sf bookstore, talking about the book some more.

    After that, I'm off to Houston for a weekend at Comicpalooza, including a panel about copyright on May 10 at 12:30PM; presenting a keynote talk on May 11 at 12PM; and then another copyright panel on May 12 at 10:30AM.

    See you soon! Tschü?!

    (Image: Re:publica, CC-BY) Read the rest

    Ottawa! I'm speaking tonight at the Writers Festival (and then Re:publica in Berlin and Comicpalooza in Houston!)

    Tonight at 7:30PM, I'm giving a presentation about my new book, Radicalized, as part of the Ottawa Writers Festival, at Christ Church Cathedral (414 Sparks St.) -- I haven't spoken in Ottawa for years (maybe a decade?!) so I'm really looking forward to it. Read the rest

    Ottawa! I'll be at the Writers Festival this Saturday night (then Berlin for Re:publica and Houston for Comicpalooza!)

    This Saturday, May 4, at 7:30PM, I'll be presenting at the Ottawa Writers Festival, talking about my novel Radicalized and how it ties into surveillance, monopoly, refugees, climate change, racism and oligarchy -- all the good stuff! Read the rest


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