AI-generated pokemon that should not be

    Michael Friesen generated these abominable pokemon sprites. Be sure to see a similar set hand-drawn by iguanamouth. [via Janelle Shane]

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    Creative Adversarial Networks: GANs that make art

    Generative Adversarial Networks use a pair of machine-learning models to create things that seem very realistic: one of the models, the "generator," uses its training data to make new things; and the other, the "discerner," checks the generator's output to see if it conforms to the model. Read the rest

    Generative adversarial network produces a "universal fingerprint" that will unlock many smartphones

    Researchers at NYU and U Michigan have published a paper explaining how they used a pair of machine-learning systems to develop a "universal fingerprint" that can fool the lowest-security fingerprint sensors 76% of the time (it is less effective against higher-security sensors). Read the rest


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